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You should never be scared to achieve your dreams 'coz dreams do come true!

Do believe in your dreams 'coz dreams do come true.

Richard Gere is my dream date

If someone talks bad about me it only goes to show that the person feels insecure. I don't manipulate. I don't carry dabbas for directors.

Even if I wasn't an actress and I walked into a party with friends, I'd still have men gaping at me and undressing me in their minds.

I feel French is very close to Urdu. Both languages are beautiful. Sadly, their beauty is lost in translation.
When I arrived and looked at the destruction from the tsunami, I told myself, 'We're not going to be able to make an impact in two and a half weeks.' But after we were through, I knew we had left a lasting impression.
People bring you up so fast...But they bring you down even faster.
I love human beings. I believe that there is so much to learn from every person you meet including a child.
I think I'm God's little angel. No matters what happens, I will be taken care of.
About Friends, Family & Co-Stars
Had I not made it big, my family would have told me to recheck my decision. Now that I am successful, there is no way. They have to accept it gracefully.

I'm lucky that I haven't been left out in the cold like Anjala Jhaveri or Meghna Kothari.

Kareena and Aishwarya are beautiful, and talented. But it hurts when I lose a project to them because I'm equally qualified.

If you see Hrithik and me shooting together, you will notice that the chemistry has only gotten better. We are lot more comfortable with each other.

I didn't bad mouth anybody. It's just that when I saw the film, I felt that the film was totally made for Hrithik.

I wish I were half as hot and talented as Bipasha. It’s because of her physical appearance that she’s getting the kind of roles going her way and I’m doing those that require delicate looks.

As far as Karan Johar’s show is concerned, it has to be taken with a pinch of salt. I think that was more of a fun show than anything else. I’ve taken whatever that was said on it in my stride and just laughed it off. None of it has affected me at all and I don’t hold anything against anyone.

We were children together… now the child I knew, has a child. Such a long journey… in such a short time, now they embark on another journey. A journey of parenthood. I wish them all the best. Sussanne and Hrithik are beautiful people and now the most beautiful thing has happened to them. - On Hrithik after son Hrehaan was born
Films & Career
Films were never on my agenda, may be it was written in my destiny. And since I am here, I would like to give it my best try.

I am happy I have competition. It keeps me on my toes all the while and stops me from becoming complacent. So, it works to my advantage.

Kaho Naa... was a love story and a love story needs a girl as much as it needs a boy, right?

I would never deny the importance of the media, but I wouldn't go out of the way to splash my pictures all over town. I'd rather let my work do the talking.

I don't mind an item number like "Kajra Re" from Bunty Aur Babli, it's done well and the song seems like a whole lot of fun. But if I did a "Khallas," my career would also be Khallas with it!
I don't want to have to sit with my kids, 10 or 15 years down the line, watching my old films and knowing this is how I got it.
No one wants to touch you, if you don't have a film background. Which is why outsiders like me have to work doubly hard to get noticed.
I will prove myself with my hard work and I’m confident that I’d be able to do a lot of good work in the film industry.