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203)Just bought my audi q7... So excited... Will b delivered to me friday.. Silver...v v v happy

202)Saw late nite show of hangover 2 last nite.was v v disapointed. Film started off well but dragged Was v repetitive to the original n v silly n unrealistic.. Tho I think bradley cooper is v v handsome.. I'm sure the girls will agree☺

201)wher do u live?mumbai? Can recomend a dermatologist to u in mumbai.go to dr marwah . His clinic nos r 26204416 n 26705353

200)Jetlagged.. Just back from a short 6 day trip to london.. Can't sleep..tweeting some pictures of london trip.From the balcony of my hotel room ; While doing what all girls do ; With ajay devgan n kuunal on the sets of tezz . good trip. Yes all my cousins n uncles from my moms side live ther n in paris.yup have loads of friends in antwerp.Ok tweeple.. Gonna try n sleep more tomorw

199)Hey tweeple. David dhawan is ameesha patel productions first director. Here's a picture for u Soo happy u liked it. Bigger n more news to come

198)happy first anniversary to all my fans who have been with me for one entire year on twitter n been so patient n loving.Will b making my announcement of my director tomorw. Can't wait to share it w u guys.Yes will tell u details tomorw. V excited also. I'm soooo happy to have the love n support of all of u. Really warms my heart

197)Hope the news is true about osama being dead. N it isn't an impostor that monster capable of anything

196)imtiaaz ali was never asked to direct a film for my production house. Whoever has reported this is untrue.wud love to work w imtiaz as he is super talented. Will b announcing our directors v soon.they are signed by ameesha patel prod.

195)Ameesha patel productions will officially launch on sat 23 April. while all of u have been asking n passing diff suggestions I have quietly been working on this for 9 months.u will hear lot more good newss from me. Pls b patient. I know what I'm doing. But evrything has a time n place.the production is y I have been sooo busy n tweeting less. I love all u fans n well wishers tooo much to forget u tweeple.yes every single director n producer iv worked w was there. Huge turnout of press n media.lovely evening.felt good to see everyone turn up in full strenth to support me.anilsharma,ratn jain,ganeshh jain,bhushan n kishen kumar,david dhawan n priyadarshan n farhan akhtar,ritesh sidhwani n ramesh taurani n dharmesh darshan n suneel darshan n ketan desai,kunal deshmukh n all the ashtavinayak team yes had a huge turnout. Even mr praful patel, Remaining few r not in town

194)Malinga played like a god today. He is just sensational

193)Hey tweeple, going to spend my day w one of my best friends from new york n her son. Can't wait to see her

192)Anna Hazare Hats off to anna hazare. It takes grit n determination to constantly push to clear a corrupt country

191)Cric Wc Finals En route to wankhede stadium to watch the final. Praying hard for india.A cute moment of me n ranbir at the match yestrday Was a spectacular match. Loved every moment.had so much fun sitting with saif n ranbir n my friends. Was a riot

190) Cric Wc win against Australia What a brilliant win by our men in blue. Hope the cup is ours as well.Loved every minute of the game yesterday. Fantastik. Truly one sport that unites our country

189)I'm off to poonaa today to inaugarate a park. Always feels so empty to go to poonma wo my grandmother to visit. May she rest in peace.Yestrdays paark inaugaration was amazing.inaugaratedd a beautiful dancing water fountain w a laser n musik show.Was with mr narayan rane n mr suresh kalmadi.the entire concept of the fountain was taken from singapore.They projected songs from kaho naa pyar hai on the water. Imagine a water screen instead of regular film .it was fantastic.visual treat.Stoped by the mata temple in pimpri on way bak.its a mini vaishnudevi with the cave etc exactly in vaishnudevi.was lovely.nice complete day

188)Happpppieeeee holi evryone. May this year b colorful eventful n happy for all

187)One of My best friends shabana frm new york n me. Spending loads of girly time togethr

186)Sorry was in bangk
k for 3 days n my phone refused to work. Missed all of u. Love u

185)The best I can say is b safe. So sad what has hapened in japan. We r just lucky to b safe n have life the precious gift

184) @ShashiTharoor a very very very hapy bday shashi. Will miss dinner at ur place tonite. Big hug

183)Women's day Happy womens day 2 all the super duper women. Tho I feel everyday is a celebration as being a woman is no ordinary task.Everyday u must make a woman feel special.Just landed in goa. Here to attend the carnival with the chief minister of goa n numerous dignitaries.Its soooo hot. But goa always has such a special n relaxed n lazy feel to it. Taj village always a pleasure to stay..Gng to grab a quik bite before I start for the carnival. Coffee shop always lovely by the water.V succesful carnival. Disributed 50awards 2 women achievers along w chief minister of goa digambar kamath.Soo many political heads were also present. Rite from pwd minister churchill to urban development n sports ministr. Nice to see soo many men supporting women achievers.

182)One of my fav piks. I love n collect soft toys. This popeye was one of my favorites

181)All girlies must read tender hooks .really very very very funny book. Just finished it yestrday

180)Had a lovely event w the mrs salma ansari,wife of our vice president as her guest.Had the pleasure of having dinner n catching up w the lovely sunanda n shashi tharoor. They r fabulous people. N love their intelligent co.we were both at tufts university. N were 2 of their v v brite students.Mrs salma ansari n me. Lovely lady. Doing such noble work

179)Goodluck n all the best for hsc students. Rock the exams

178)Feeling real awful bout the earthquake in christchurch..I shot there for kaho naa pyar hai. Such a lovely city n such warm people. God bless

177) in reply to Bdutt tweet : Twitter needs good thrashing by an old fashioned dhobi to cleanse it of abusers, bigots, trolls & psychopaths. Besides they are SO boring.
@BDUTT I totally agree with u n by the way I'm a great admirer of u. Think ur one super intelligent spunky woman

176)Early 7am start today. Went to award underpriveleged children who had won a marathon. Aseema foundation which educates street children.Felt good to begin sunday by being supportive of work being done for the underpriveleged... We r really so fortunate n must realy b thankful.The kids were so happy n cheerful, such innocent positiv energy

175)Was in a lil village called pashighat in arunachal. no network. Travelled nearly 10hrs to get ther. On my way bak now. Xhausted. Tweet 2mrw

174)Judged the times of india fresh face of the year last evening. 20 girls were shortlisted from a selection of 21000 all india. Long long show
173) Early morn flite to kolkatta n then onward to dibugarh.indian airlines awful. The airport is such a mess at 5am. So pathetic 2 c our country.Such slow service n disorganisation. If this is a metropolitaan city airport what can u expect from smaller cities n towns.Wish we had honest politicians who worked to improve all this. They only work to fill their pockets

172)Valentine's Day : Happy valentines day tweeple. Thank u for all the love n support that u lovely people always give me. Lots n lots n lots n lots of love.Single this valentines n working n loving it more than ever. Everyday is a day to love. Don't need a special day for showing love. But hapi v day 2 u anyway

171)subhash chandra boses grand nephew, sugata bose was my professor at tufts univ in boston

170)Wow. That's some breaking news in egypt. Mubarak steps down. What a huge surprise n victory for the common man in egypt.Wish we indians cud put up such a protest and oust soooooo many of r corrupt leaders.we don't have leaders v have misleaders.. N they seem to get more n more powerful evryday

169) I am performing next sat at the opening of national games ceremony. Its an honour.Just god done from killer dance rehersals for the national games.. Exhausted..Now sat will b hectic but looking fwd warm shower n a warm meal beckons.Just boarded the flite to ranchi. Gng to curl up n sleep. Wish me luk for my performance Will try n post piks from show..It will b televised on doordarshan.4pm onwards

168)After watching PVC :I'm aware that it is doing well. It releases in mumbai 21st jan.will surely watch it with all my friends---They edited a lot of my scenes n everyones scenes due to length. All my friends really liked my performance.Lots of really unnecessary scenes n songs v long tho v meaningful film. They cud have edited a lot of stupid scenes n that second song also of sheela

167)Beautiful evening at aamirs n kirans reception for imran n avantiLovely party at landesnd w aamir n kiran. Such amazing hosts. Beautiful evng. God bless imran n avantikaa

166)I don't normally use foundation. But chanel is good. N powder I use clarins since years

165)even I don't reply Everytweet . I'm always w all of u n reading ur tweets. Pls give good shots

164) I read fountainhead yrs ago. Hrithik had given it to me. What a super book

163)This cold n cough doesn't seem to leave me. Looking like rudolph the red nosed riendeer w the constant blowing. Tuk steam n gargles. Fed up of this flu. Still sneezing n coughing. But a lil betr. Had dinner last nite at the gracious nita n mukesh ambanis new home.Couldn't believe the sheer size of their place. Unreal. But had a lovely quiet dinner for just 20 people. Was nice

162)Down w the worst viral. Cough cold n fever. Can't move. Have to take rest. Will stay in bed n just catch up on some reading.lil betr. Have to build up the courage to dress n go for a wedding n to dinner. Soooo exhausted to do that.Was weak to go foR dinner last nite but glad I went. Was so nice to meet shashi n sunanda tharoor aftr awhile.mentally stimulating evening.Ofcourse parmeshwar godrej was a super host as usual. N imran khan looked dashing as ever.undoubtedly 1 of the handsomest cricketers ever

161)Driving home from work. Gng thru lil lanes. Heard the sound of mandir bells of evening aarti.sooo soothing n serene

160)Hema maliniji still looks so radiant n beautiful

159) Busy at daboo ratnanis studio. Doing a kick ass shoot

158)I love reading. Listening to music. Spending quality time w close people. Taking short holidays.

157) I have always wanted a lil champagne colored pup but wasn't allowed 2 keep one

156) Saw yamla pagla deewaana last nite w 7 friends. Was a laugh riot. Especially 2nd half of the film. Deols r toooooo good.Just spoke to one of my favorite co stars sunny deol to congragulate him on success of yamla pagla deewaana.he was awesome in the film

155)About Media :I did not mean she is fake. Veena is v sweet. Her twitter account is a fake. It is not the real veena always makes issues of everything. . Not to worry. yah quite silly of them. . Ridiculous.. N even that day I typed that her twitter id is fake . N that it is of an impostor.can't believe they are so silly n conveniently don't read the tweets.Medias job is to make everything look sensational. V silly

154)Spent the aftrnoon at @maanayata_dutt home with her 2 lovely children n gossiping w her. Babies are a treat for the eyes. So cute n simply gorgeous looking. And maanayata is such a warm soul n good mother

153)Happy makar sankranti all tweeple. Have a beautiful auspicious day .Was soooo beautiful today. Looked out of the window to a sky full of colorful kites stunning.. So hapi.. Felt sky was filled w rainbows

152)Good morning gorgeous tweeple. Today is @AshmitPatel bday. having a bday party in the evng for all close friends n bb4 contestants also

151)On PVC Release :Thanks for all ur love n support 4 my release of my telugu film today. Param veer chakra has opened to full houses in andhra.iv watched bit of the film. I love the quality n character of my role. Really special n meaningful.always remember length not imp but quality.yes bala has super fan following. Touchwood. I'm really happy n overwhelmed at the responses to param veer chakra. I hav always loved the people of andhra n their culture.I'm soo proud to have soo many loving fans n I hope to do many more telugu films.My director was excellent n managed 2 exttact good performances from all actors
150) BB RESULT :- $lll-Congrats to my baby bro @Ashmitpatel for coming 3rd. He played superbly. He shud have atleast been 2nd

149)RT  Sms ASH to 56882 for my brother @AshmitPatel to WIN bigg boss !!Rs 3 per sms, can sms up to 99 times from one phone. Get going guys!!!

148) Loving my stay at the armani hotel at the burj khalifa. Spectacular fireworks last nite.V v v v happy new year to all my tweeple

147)have a show in itawa tomorw nite. won't b able to attend PVC audio function as I'm in itawa on 29th doing a show n leaving for dubai on the 30th nite.I am going to dubai on holiday. No performance this year. it is itawa. N it is a lil town in uttar pradesh. 

 147)Education v imp. Most imp gift one can give oneself

146) RT : Hey tweepls! Pls don't watch TEES MAAR KHAN movie after watching this #tmk movie i got headache.

145)Last nite at farahs bday. All the hotties .Hi tweeple. Was nice to catch up w zyed n farah n aqeel last nite at farahs bday party. Had a lovely evening w everyone.Aftr a grilling day at rehersals it was perfect to unwind w old friends. Zyed n I had performed 4 farah n aqeels sangeet almost 12yrs ago.We were remembering the time n lafing. Was by the poolside that time n then yestrday standing at the same place brought lovelt memories back,Catch u later. Hectic day filled w frenetic activity awaits... Hugs n kisses

144)Thanks for all the compliments for promos of pvc. It releases 12 jan n is the first release of the year for me.Mine is a super role. I wud love to do a period film.Arjuna is a beautiful song n kums at a v sweet part in the film.I have 5 changes in the song n it is acording to character in film.

143)Fav TV SERIALS : I love gossip girl. Entourage, how I met ur mother. N just love friends

142)don't worry I know what I'm doing. There was no romance between me n leander in the film. Role was of a prostitute.thanks for ur concern especially since u guys have no clue of the script of rajdhani express

141)Article by Vikram bhatt :I read it. Its so beautiful n heartfelt n honest. I had tears in my eyes.Vikram had seen my relationship w my grandma very closely

140)hey are trying all these dirty tactics to malign me. So silly. I don't care cos I have all proper documentation. I'm not worried. People make comments all the time.most without knowing the truth. So it reali dusnt bother me

139) Had a blast performing for the police show umang today. Met all my co stars @iHrithik, @BeingSalmanKhan n ajay devgan n tusshar n john etc.

138)My blackberry fell into the ocean in krabi.. So no tweets. Got a new fone today aftr cumin bak to bombay.. Bak in touch now. I lost a lot of data on my blackberry that was drowned. Bought a new one. Now updating watever I can

137)Had Costume trials this morning w @nishkalulla. She done a great job for my pvc song shoot starting friday.Crazy days in the sun of phuket n krabi. Shoot of pvc song going well. Same locales as knph. Sooo nostalgic.Got a nice copper tan shooting in the sun .. Any more darker n ill be unrecognizable. Have a nice hot tan just need a nice hot man to match.I have 5 changes in the song n it is acording to character in film.all the female leads are good. Mine is a super role.

136) Yeah he was born thalasemic. I did work for thalasemic patients few yrs ago.He is safe safe safe. Yehhhhhhhh. Thank u all u tweeple. Muaaah!! Big kiss. U guys are the best

135)Hey tweeple. Was supposed to go fore premier of ashutoshs film. Just tooo tired. But wish deepika n abhishek n all the team the best.Lookin fwd to a quiet evng n good movie just chillin in bed. Maybe even watch some gossip girl or desperate housewives. N eat some yumi food

134)I may not always b able to reply frequently but I remember evryone. Have Had problem w internet . Bak now aftr stressful 3 days. But I miss u all as much as u miss me

 133)Was awarded by former chf minstr of andhra mr rosaiah. Cermony held by mr subirami reddy.felt great 2 b a recipient along w nagarjuna, chiranjeevi n bala n mohan babu etc.all eminent actors n producers from telugu.was only hindi actor amongst them felt very humbled

132)Loving being single..some luky guy will find us.. In the meantime cheers to being sexy single n loving it

131)Hectic days of shoot at ramoji film city for PVC. Lots of emotional scenes being filmed... Still shooting long hours in hydrabad at ramoji film city, Then in dec vl go to thailand for the songs. Doing amazing work but missing mumbai.Today 3months exactly since my grandma passed away. R.I.P

130)never give up hope. Must pursue what we feel we can achieve. But also b sensible about our limitations

129)Trials w @nishkalulla for my clothes now m then off to bring in my friend kunal n kirans bdays tonite. Both bdays 2mrw so joint celebration-Nov 13

128) Rbr promo only in theatres . Will air on tv next month. 14th. Jan release date.Glad u all loved the trailor. Its an awesomely funny film there are 3 awesome songs in rbr.3 songs I feature in.govinda n tushar are super also in the film

127) Just went for rocky s launch of bridal wear at aza in delhi.Just finished a press conferance for diabetes awareness as it is world diabetes day on 14th nov.of 20crore patients india alone has 5cr.Rapidlly growing demon disease

126) CAG scam brought to public by cnn ibn. Sooo sad to see this corruption. Adarsh housing case hardly out n this 2G scam revealed.shameful

125) Happieeee diwali darling tweeple. Sorry been very busy w diwali preparations. But evryone have agreat diwali n hope all dreams r fulfillled.Pls do give me feedback on promos of run bhola run. They r being shown at interval w golmaal 3Shilpa n rajs party was v nice. Caught up w all my old pals hrithik n arjun etc. Was fun,But aftr that went to my friend kirans house. Lovely evng of jagjit singh ghazals n happiness all around. Was a lovely diwali

124) Hi tweeple just bak from kulumanali. Very succesful shoot. But feels super to b bak in my mumbai.Balayya is very nice humble n helpful person. Very easy to get along with,Have reached bombay safely. Just exhausted n got bad throat. Was to go to vivek oberois reception but I'm 2 tired n lots of hardwork heartache too. Relaxc shower n sleep well.

123) pls spk to sanjay upadhyay on 9820043187 he is my manager n secretary.My manager is smart. Deals w a thousand fakes,N v report people to police who trouble us.

122) Where did u get 14th jan date. I'm not sure wethr it is dec or jan? Yes tweeple l4th jan is RBR release for sure. Theatrical promo w golmaal 3. Promos on air dec onwards.Was waiting to surprise all of u with the news but somehow you always find out before I can say☺

121) .hav a crazy day of getin tooo many things done n feelin a bit feverish as well. Have a bad throat..not feelin so great. I guess cold n cough take their time to leave u.Did some gargling for the throat as ull adviced.Feelin a lot betr.

120) Good aftrnoon tweeple. I'm driving back from kukke subramaniya temple to mangalore,Went to dharamstala mandir n then to kuke subramaniya.. Had a lovely 3 days of pujas n now bak to bombay.A totally spiritual cleansing,Driving thru lush forests n beautiful green scenery ... Such a sense of peace n serenity.

 119) At the hospital. Maanayata just delivered. One boy one girl.Congrats to sanju n maana. Sooo happy for them. Babies n mom both safe.

118) About her FANS All fans r special to me . N all have their own lovely qualities. I also care bout my fans equally ,yes all my fans can call me by this name AMI POO. U r my friends. I don't avoid fans. Fans r tooooo precious

117)Stoped a man from spitting paan on the street today. I hate to see people litter our country. We dirty n then we complain that india dirty. We must all create awareness. I keep correcting mu friends also if they throw dirt out of the window etc

116) Gooooooodmrng tweeple. Wishing u all a fabulous week ahead. I love the feel of festivities. I love diwali. This time of year is beautiful .Today is 2 months exactly since my grandma left me. May she rest in peace. Feeling v sad wo her this festiv time

115)Big boss was v funny last nite. Salman n his joke about me.poor ashmit was shocked .Salman joked to ashmit that I got married. N left ash shocked.

114) Happy dassera to everyone on behalf of Ameesha n Me .Will use dis pic  for everyone on dassera . Pls see the link. A special fan made this lovely pik for me { it's ME }

113)Ashmit patel's Video Song on his Lyf :Hey tweeple must watch this  Its AshmitPatel video. Surprise even to me. Hadn't a clue,Its so sweet honest n heartfelt. a real fighter. I'm so proud of lil brother of mine.Even I saw today for first time. I'm blown.He has the courage to rise again after hitting rock bottom.Ashmit his friends ishq bector n anubhav have dun the video,guys have done a terrifik job. Hats of to all 3 of u. I'm very surprised seeing it. Ashmit is full of surprises

112) how is mahesh babus new film. Good if it does well for my producer

111) RT Love yourself too much to settle for someone who doesn't love you enough

110) I was at tufts. I love boston. I had the best time at tufts. So luki. Wish I cud come there now, I was always on the deans list. Graduated with honours. Loved studying

109Reaction for sweet darling bro participation in BIGBOSS Ashmit v honest. v nevr hide anything ; yes v r all together. Forgive n forget is the best policy. Thanks tweeple for all ur support to ashmit. He is a v goodhearted n good soul .nobody is allowed to get in touch w any contestants in big boss. No phones or computers or tv allowed in BB house . I felt v bad. I know it was not his fault but he kept a dignified silence for so many years. He is a good boy. V clean hearted. God bless him .The imp thing is to take part n learn.I'd love for him to win. But in muy eyes he is a winner already . He is just being his natural self so its great.It was his choice n decision to go. I guess he wanted the world to know the real him. But its tuff w so many strangers.
Ashmit manager tweeting on his behalf. Ashmit has asked manager to tweet on his behalf ,Ashmits manager is pratiek. agree @AshmitPatel cleanhearted n genuine n peaceful. Dusnt play politics like others

 108) Just dropped into the mumbai mirrors 5th anniversary party. met the super talented mithunda n his son mimoh, Used to love mithunda n his disco dancer film was one of my fav. Danced on 'jimmy jimmy' song for hours. Used 2 copy his dance moves as kids

 106) The ayodhya verdict out tomorow tweeple. Pray that it is peacful n does not cause disharmony. India shud stay united always. Jai hind 

105)  So happy to read in the newspapers times of india front page bout hindus building a mosque for muslims in a village in karnataka. Wish r politicians wud learn

 104)Life is a succession of moments. To live each one is too succeed. Hope all u tweeple njoy evry moment

 103) just b confident n thatl b ur winner

 102)Had lovely champagne brunch w my mom n all her friends at starboard today. At the taj hotel. I still love the taj.Felt really bad thinking of all the innocent lives lost during 26-11 tragedy

 101)My lil cousin sister who lives in paris came last nite. Sooo happy. She gonna stay w me for few weeks, My Uncle has 3 daughtrs. Shaina sabrina n deborah. He married a lovely french girl. Cousins r half french n half sindhi. V cute , my cousin n I both r at work today. So vl spend sum quality time togethr in the evening

100)Thanks for all the lovely n encouraging tweets. I may not reply to all but I read each n evryone. U guys rock. All this is hapenin bkos of all the warm n sincere wishes of my fans

 99) Disgusting n disgraceful what the govt has done w commonwealth games.And r politicians are so shameless that they dint feel a thing. Unreal

 98)  POWER movie :Goodmorning tweeple. I'm geting ready to leave for the mahurat of my new film power. Directed by raj santoshi . Auspicious day today ,All the actors will b there for the mahurat shot. Mr amitabh bachan. Ajay devgan. Sanjay dutt. Anil kapoor. All super performers ,Can only imagine the energy in the room with so many superfine actors. Firoz nadiadwalla sure does know how to put a great cast together

97) LAKME FASHION SHOW :Just finished watching neeta lullas fashion show.met my bhulbhulaiuya costar akshay kumar n also Met one of my favorite directors aftr so long. Mr yash chopra. He is the king of romance.The gorgeous sridevi was the show stopper. She looked stunning in silver,Sridevi was looking stunning as the show stopper at neeta lullas show. Congrats to neeta as she completes 25yrs in the industry

96) Awesome show of manish malhotra at lakme fashion show , Met my favorite rani mukherjee n priety zinta at show. Rani amazing actress n priety v sweet. Was nice to catch up w them aftr so long

95) ADNAN SAMI Yehhh. Dinner at the fab singer adnan samis house tonite. His beautiful wife n him cooking some yummy afghani n pakistani food. Can't wait.Won't b able to attend nishka lullas partt at trilogy tonite as had plans w adnan sami n his wife already. But will attend neeta lulla show.adnan is a v close friend who has always been around to cheer me up when I'm down.yah. Adnan specially having dinner to cheer me up. Such a sweet friend he is ,Lovely evening w the super talented n my amazing friend adnan sami n his lovely wife roya

94)DABAANG : Going to watch a trial show of dabbang. Sure its gonna b rocking,Just watching the film. Salman steals the show.Salman is brilliant. He rocks all the way. Film is v entertaining.One of salmans best performances. Its a winner all the way

93) Babyshower on Maanayata Hey tweeple. Just been busy. Sent out the cutest invites w cupcakes for maanyatas baby shower. So happy that guests have loved it.Leaving for calcutta tomorw n delhi day aftr for work so a bit stressed to get all party stuff done before.Luckily minica n sejal my friends w whom I'm having the party r super efficient.We 3 r super excited bout the baby shower. Theme is blue n pink as we don't kno wethr its gonna b boys or girls. The cupcakes r so yummy,Wish us luk that the baby shower goes real well..sooo many guests n soo much to organise. Special day for a special lady 

92)Favorite PERFUMES : I love tom fords black orchid n narciso rodriguez n all jo malone fragrances also

91) @Ramanagogula on Twitter is this ramana who I met w pavan kalyan?oh that's grt. I shud b in hyd on the 21st onwards shooting w bala for param verr chakra. Must catch up

90) Krishna Janmashtami : Just finished a puja for janmashtami. I love lord krishna. He is soo cute.I prayed for all u lovely fans . I hope all ur dreams come true.Iv bin in a lot of pain bkos of my grandma. I went out for puja first day today. Havnt felt like doing anything. Really missing my grandma.Thank u tweeple for all the love n affection n support in this hard time. Really puts a smile on my face. Thank u .HaPpy janmashtami tweeple

89) Crazi rains in bombay since 3 days. Feels like a hill station. But awful to b on the roads. Waterlogging n traffic jams

 88) Grandmum Sudden Death I'm sorry . My grandma just died. I can't tweet for few days. I'm heartbroken. I'm very low n shattered. At the airport in pune. Just cremated my grandma.flew early this morn to mumbai n then pune.Got a call at 12 last nite that my most precious grandma is no more.. Thank u for all the condolence messages. Means a lot to me.I have to be back to my shoot early tomorw morning. I don't know how I will focus. This is the worst day of my life. But thanks for all love.This is part of life. I knew with her age it could happen anytime. Just kept praying she will live till 100. I loved her the most in d world.Thanks everyone for sharing my pain n being w me in this hard time. I will nevr forget all the sweet tweets ull sent me. Ull hav bkum family.hat's y I shared this tragedy. God bless her soul. She is in a betr place. Hope she rests in peace.I'm v low n upset n broken. I loved my grandma the grandma was a radiant sweet n v pure person. Highly educated n v cultured. A real angel. N v honest.yes my grandma n I had an unexplainable bond. Unconditional love both ways. She was too precious. She was huge influence on me.  I will perform well bkos my grandma wud want that.I'm so happy atleast I cud see her yestrday before the body was cremated.I was glad to b able to kiss her feet n face n hug her before she left for heaven.she is an angel. she was my everything. Most precious. She will b in my heart forever. I can physically b anywhere but I am heavy w pain n yearning for my grandma. May she R.IP.but my grandma is in a happier place. Away from this materialistic world.Sundays I used to go to poona to visit her. Felt sad yestrday.

87)I also have such a sweet tooth, n I love all sweet smelling shower gels n perfumes n lotions.

86) Hey all u gorgeous girls. Have to tell u had an amazing coffee n chocolate manicure n pedicure this morning. Good enuf to eat.try it.I love green tea. Drink coffee once in a while. Like to have a cup of flavored capuccino if its cold weather or raining

85)Goodmorning tweeple. Its pouring in bombay. Been raining like crazi all nite ;Terrible traffic n roads already flooded. Waterlogging everywhere with just few hours of rain. Y can't the govt do something.I meant few hours of rain have caused waterlogging n disrupted traffik . Its so sad.its truly very sad. V talk bout indias progress but look at the poverty n the filth n disease n lack of education.Govt is sleeping

84) AshmitPatel n me just gave blood for salmans being human blood drive. My first experience w donating blood . yes I feel awesome that I helped save 3 lives,Always Feels good to help save lives,Atleast thru celebrities we can make an effort to reach out to people to do the same n help people

83)ON INDEPENDENCE DAY Happy independance day ,Just hope we see india as the next superpower soon,India has the potential to b the best. Hope we get rid of our corrupt politicians who misuse r money. N also decrease poverty Increase our infrstructure wich is key for progress n increase the literacy rate.V r so blessed w r rich heritage n culture..It becomes tuff to survive if ur honest. Its so sad the way power is misused in our country
82)RT Don't regret anything you do because in the end, it makes you who you are.

81) RT"The more reasons you have for achieving your goal, the more determined you will become." 

80)God made men n then he had a betr idea.☺♥. What say all u gorgeous women tweeple?love u

 79) Been having a lousy day tweeple. Woke up w the worst backacke. At the doc doing physiotherapy. Pray it gets betr.My back a little betr. Been doing physio n some medication.Thanks for all the prayers n good wishes. Its healing faster thanks to all my amazing tweeples prayers.Thank u. Prayers r the best gift I can recieve. I wish I had the patience to do yoga. I wud b very happy..I'm gonna try to gym today. But not exert the back.

78)RT Simple mathematics: "Let no one be your number 1 while they make you their number 2!

 77)RT People treat you how they see you treat yourself. Act a fool and you'll get treated like one. Love yourself! 

76)RT If someone feels that they had never made a mistake in their life, then it means they had never tried a new thing in their life. ~Einstein
75) Tweeple. I'm not on facebook.all ameesha patels are fake 

74)Friendship is always a sweet responsibility,never an oppurtunity7

73) Saw once upon a time in mumbai over wkend. Good film. All cast was super.

 72)yes I am tweety bird n I love being in my house. Sorry u think I'm loser.

 71)Small oppurtunities are often the beginning of great enterprises

 70)RT Rule of thumb: "If they aren't crying over you, you shouldn't be crying over them!"

69)RT You know someone means a lot to you when they're mood can easily affect yours.

68)RT " No man or woman is worth your tears, and the one who is, won't make you cry."

67)RT Don't waste your time on someone, who isn't willing to waste their time on you.

66)You aren't wealthy until u have something money can't buy,Its good to have money n d things money can buy,but its good to check up once in a while n make sure u haven't lost d things muny can't buy

I don't need a special friendship day to wish all of u. Everyday is a friendship day. God bless.Happy friendship day tweeple. Thank u all for being by my side always

64)Trailers of DABANGG are super. Salman lookin kickass

63)Life consists not in holding good cards but playing those u hold well ,Nobody gets to live life backward. Look ahead,that is where your future lies

62)Hey tweeple my brother @AshmitPatel is v low. His puppy tyson died last nite. He was v ill n so cute n small

61)Today is maanyata dutts bday tweeple.send her loads of bday wishes . Sanju baba not in town so cheer her up

60)Went to watch a film aftr ages. Saw knight n day. Didn't think much of it but tom cruise is a real hottie

59)thank u I rcvd the poll. I'm glad my magazine cover been voted as hottest cover for month of july n KNPH leading d BEST DECADE MOVIE. That's awesome news.

58)I'm in bangkok. Sorry my twitter service was messd up for 3 days. I will b in bangkok tonite for 3nites. N bak to all of u who I love.Its a short work trip.

57)Watching the footie finals at my parents with close family friend Jagjit Singh, my bro @AshmitPatel and a bunch of our friends!

56)Today is 2 months on twitter. Thank u tweeple for making it special n for getting me addicted

55)honestly there is no hard n fast rule to success. No one thot knph wud b soo huge. They were beting on refugee,n everyone advised me against doing radar n honeymoon travels. N both were life u win some n u loose some. So its okay. Its a cycle of ups n downs. Nevr write anyone off.

54)AmishaPatelFans this site rocks ;AmishaPatelFans dng a great job with the site.

53)Tomorw is a bombay bandh. Just ridiculous. All city cum to standstill

52)Life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold well

51)Looks like germany gonna win. This spund of the vuvuzela is so annoying,Looks like maradonna gng to cry any minute,He is awesome but he looks upset that his team is loosing so obviously he looks like he will cry

50)The MAN magazine should b on the stands today or tomorow. Thank u for all the compliments on the cover picture.I'm feeling great at the response u all have given me for the cover picture og THE MAN magazine. Thank u

49)I'm shooting. Bad network. If I get network again ill send ull piks,V disapointed. Aftr 3hrs of makeup n hair the look was all weong n had to cancel shoot.

- V sick this morning. Bad food poisoning. Been vomitting n weak . Waiting for the doctor n his injection. Feelin awful,Doc just gave me injection. I ate fish last nite n its wrong season to do so. Rains r worst time to eat seafood. So tweeple pls avoid,Injection was very painful.I can eat khichdi bananas n apples only,Wbc count low due to viral infection. Rest all ok. Thankfulli no malaria or jaundice etc. So that's the blood report.Just too much weakness n fever so need rest,I'm down w malaria tweeple. V weak .report is mixed. Doc saying cud b borderline dengue also,I wish the mosquitoes didnot like me;I'm still unwell but the gOod news is that to days blood reports show that my white blood cell count has gone up. Thanks to all ur prayers;Much betr today. Seem like I'm geting my strenth bak. Last day of malaria medicines today. Thank god.its bin an awful ten days being sick but I'm now much much betr

47)Hey tweeple at brunch w all mu friends n ashmit at a new place called pali hill cafe. V all eatin too much n havin a blast ,Will send a sweet tweetpik to all soon Watching england germany. Rooting for england.. Germany tooo dam strong.Beckham is quite a hotty

46)no no no not getting married soon

45)I love humko tumse pyaar hai. Unfortunately my director died while we were shooting in jaisalme

44)If u can dream it then you can do it.Dreams do come true. Witout that possibility nature would not incite us to have them. So tweeple have a happy n dreamy day.

43)One rain n its so flooded. Crap drainage. Shame the govt doesn't do anything. Just ridiculous. Year aftr year same thing

42)Invictus is a must watch film. Saw it few months ago in london. Absolutely brilliant. Bout nelson mandela. Super

41)A boy born wo arms writes w his toes n has scored 71%in ssc. Hats off. Where there is a will there is a way

40)"I will hit you so hard even google won't be able to find you!".hahahaha. I can't stop lafing. Really mindblowing. Wish u hadn't tweeted it so I cud use it; IN REPLY TO VIKRAM BHATT

39)Nevr criticise a man till you have walked a mile in his moccasins

38)The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time

37)I actuli like bits of all characters. I have a lil of all in me

36)I'm very creative in real life as well. N I love interiors. I love things of beauty n art

35)A verry happy fathers day to everyones daddys.

34)my moms entire family also from karachi. Moved during partition. Sindhis they are

33)I love japanese food also. Best place for me is london. I love the food n the shopping there. Has the best of evrything

32)1INCIDENT SHE SHARED WITH US :- O bombay is stunning rite now,so beautiful w the rains. Soo lovely. Om spending the evening w a lovely friend of mine komal. She n I gng to njoy the weathr,Watch loads of gossip girl n hot chocolate n girly time w fragrance candles lit all over the house. How I love the rains. Only Indoor mind u,Not a thunderstorm here yet but mite just b one as it has started lightening n raining v v v heavy;Ok so its begun to thunder as well. Its just too beautiful. Glad I just got home. Wud have hated to b stuk outdoors now,The thundering has gotten louder n louder. I wish I could clik a pik n send but its gotten sooo dark

: Khalil gibrans - The Prophet. Read it again aftr few yrs,Love that book. Amongst my favorites,Love authors like Richard Bach n P.G.Wodehouse n my all time favorite is R.K.Narayan,Alchemist is in my opinion one of the paulo coehlos best books,And ofcourse all the shopaholic series are complete fun for kite runner n saw the film. Loved it but v sad;The present and who moved my cheese also brilliant books-Both by spencer johnson.. if u want chikk fliks then the shophaloic series n of course agatha cristie is grt for murdr mysteries
paulo coehlos

:I got a lot of questions for my hair n skin n requests to share secret. So I'm going to. 4 skin I drink a lot of water. Avoid make up,I cleanse n hydrate using all clarins products as they v gentle n my skin is v my grandma n mom hav flawless skin,For hair use as less chemicals as u can. Must have oil masage once a wk n try n put beaten raw egg on hair b4 washing. Always condition well Mixture of coconut , almond , olive is great for the hair,Near crash well n healthy. All nutrition imp for glowing skin n healthy hair n skin. Excercise regularly n drink plenty of water,Egg is pure protein. Its great for u.I have near smoked in my life so I guess even that helps the skin stay clear. My skin is very translucent so it glows but can b disadvantage

29)Women have to stand up for women. N a real gentlemen is nevr disrespectful to a women ever,I can't tolerate disrespectful behaviuor they don't make too many performance oriented films anymore

28)Thank u so much for celebrating one month aniv on twitr. Verry cute. Let's celebrate every month N by the way tweeple. I started tweeting 11th may. So vl celebrate aniv 11th from now

27)gadar broke records everywhere. Did u know its the biggest hit in indian cinema till date

26)What lies behind us n what lies before us r tiny matters compared to what lies within us

Birthday blast
25)Its not what u look at that matters, its what u see If u add a little to a little,n then do it again,soon that little will b much

24)Thru interviews people see a more personal side to a star wich they can't c thru movies

23)Our greatest glory is not in nevr falling,but rising every time v fall

22)What we really are matters more than what other people think of us

: Thank u tweeple my dear tweethearts. Thank u for all the bday wishes n all ur blessings. I'm sure the year will rock now for me, Sending everione big hugs n kisses n thank us for all the bday wishes. N a lil piece of bday cake for all of u. Lov.u all were huge part in making my bday special. Hope u njoyed the cake?

20)I has a very weak stomach. It rite. I get sick if I'm not careful of food.

19)ABOUT MOVIES : but the problem is betr to do less good work then lots bad pray that I do more, I like doing strong characters. Like in honeymoon or thoda pyaar thoda magik they should be meaningful n should excite me. What's the point of just dancing around trees ,but I am in minority. Aftr dng roles like gadar n mangal pandey humraaz ankhaee n humko tumse etc v difficult to do nonsense.length is not as imp as having a good role. Iv done soooooo many films w big but non impactful roles.but I think the real character based ones got me a lot of appreciation.Tag I like do serious roles n period films but trend of films changing making multi-storey comedies.not too much choice also N all they r doing is making girls shed clothes.U all feel the same as I do. I'd rock in a negative role. It would b least expected n that wud b great.U tweeple hav more brains then the film people. Haha. N a unique vision. Wish u guys made films I guess I don't to chamchagiri n don't have dirty ways to get work,they don't make too many performance oriented films anymore

18)My pet name was angel when I was a kid. My uncle in paris used to call me that.Ami poo n princess r also my nick's

17)I did mangal pandey n most of gadar n ankahee n humko tumse pyaar hain wo make up