Model turned Actor Sahil Shroff and Actor Zayed Khan playing leads of DesiMagic opposite Ameesha. Ameesha will be seen playing a dual role or the first time


DesiMagic will mark ad-maker Mehulatha's debut as a director.He is a talented ad filmmaker who has made over 300 ads.He has the knack of making a masala flick wit great emotions


Other Supporting star cast includes the lights of Lilette Dubey, Bhojpuri Actor Ravikishann and Our Lovable Actor Randhir Kapoor who will be playing a fathers role to a Character of Ameesha in DesiMagic


DesiMagic has all the ingredients of a youthful entertainer, also packs in family value life. The film has all the elements like comic, drama, emotion having said that it’s not going to be a brainless masala.

Above all she is my PRINCESS

The role fr both the male leads in #DesiMagic is very today’s youth role that young actors would love to do n the audience would love to see

Clic to Watch DesiMagic Teaser

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Ameesha Patel Purchased new Swanky Flat at JUHU

Amitabh Bachchan has a new bollywood neighbour. Last week, Ameesha Patel bought a swanky flat just 2 blocks away from him.

The flat in question is approximately 4000 sq feet. A friend of Ameesha says, " Ameesha loves the Juhu area. She continues to own her former property near Iskon, which she bought 2 years ago. The new flat is much larger than the one she currently resides in. Revealed the friend, " It is almost double the area. Ameesha is in a very space as she wanted an extremely spacious house since the longest time."

TOI also has learnt that she is taking a personal interesting in the interiors. Right now, the actress is currently shooting for Ramesh Taurani's Race2. She is expected to occupy her new possession by September-October.

The friend revealed that Ameesha's childhood friend will be helping the actress with the interiors "Geena, who has done the interiors of her new office will be helping her out with the interiors of the new house."
When contacted Ameesha confirmed the news and said, " Yes, I have bought a new house in Juhu and I am very excited to do the interiors."

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ameesha Patel -- a producer's delight

The actress' diary is choc- o- bloc with five films in her kitty
Ameesha Patel is on a roll. The actress returned from Istanbul last week where she was shooting for Race 2. She was in Mumbai for five days for the shooting of Superhit Bhaiyyaji with her favourite co-star Sunny Deol. It has been tough juggling the dates between her films as Ameesha had to return to Istanbul where she has to shoot till July 2. She then heads back for a huge show in Surat where she will be performing in front of thousands.
After her return from Turkey on July 2, she will immediately leave for Surat from Mumbai airport. Initially her shoot for Race 2 was to end on June 30 but the makers requested two more days. Ameesha being a professional immediately went ahead and adjusted her dates since she values what a producer and director can go through, especially in films like these where there are so many stars. The actress has always maintained from the beginning of her career that punctuality and humbleness is the key to long-term success.
Ameesha has five releases lined up in the coming 12 months. So much so that her production partner Kuunal Goomer has to wait for her dates till October for their project as her date diary is full! Kuunal feels that Ameesha’s life can actually be an example to lots of people who give up in life and are not strong enough to face issues in life. For a while, Ameesha took her time to select the correct scripts that excited her.
Today when she’s mentally ready to experiment, different kind of roles that are coming her way. People are surprised that today Ameesha is back with lots of work in her kitty in such a big way and with so many releases lined up. As they say people like writing you off but real talent always lasts. Kuunal also feels that it is Ameesha’s inner beauty that is the reason for all this success.
When she’s on the sets, people actually feel she’s stepping out of the Humraaz set and entering the Race 2 set. These are the words that were said by director duo Abbas-Mustan to Ameesha on the very first day of the Race 2 shoot. Meanwhile, Kuunal who has been working on a double role film for Ameesha is very close on script completion and two male heroes will be finalised. David Dhawan’s film Paradise Street is also in the planning. Ameesha is out to shock many in 2013.
Sunny Deol with whom she’s working after years had a great time on the sets of Bhaiyajji Superhit and felt that the chemistry of Gadar cannot be defeated. Ameesha, who will shoot for her sunglass endorsement and then immediately back to Sunny’s film, is very happy with the way her career is shaping up. Ameesha always feels that in life, success or no success, being humble and being a producer’s actress is the key to a long-term career and that’s what makes Ameesha the actress she is today.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Ameesha's Show reel Spcl Videos

Sunday, June 17, 2012

ON Set RACE-2 pics

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ameesha: Gadar is My Heartbeat,my Passion,my life

 Faisal Shariff caught up with Amisha Patel at Subi Samuel's studio for a tête-à-tête.
What is your reaction to the various protests against Gadar?
There is nothing anti-Hindu or anti-Islamic about it.
A leading newspaper, made a silly statement, saying that, 'one of the actresses named, Sakina…', which meant they didn't even know that the main protagonist of the film was Sakina.
They say Sunny said, 'Hindustan Murdabad', when he hasn't even mentioned it in the film.
I think a lot of uneducated people, by that, I mean those who haven't seen the film, have passed judgment on it and have made factual errors.
Our film says love passes all boundaries and unites.
Gadar - Ek Prem KathaSunny Deol never asks his wife to convert to Hinduism in the film. Even when she is away from him she offers her namaaz.
Sunny agrees to convert to Islam and stay back in Pakistan. When you have a Sunny's character, a strong Hindu, ready to convert to Islam for the sake of love, it conveys that his only religion is the safety of his wife and child. How can there be anything controversial about it?
I received calls from Lahore and Karachi, telling me how much they loved the film there. A few even wanted to meet me, if they ever come to India. When Pakistanis have loved the movie, how can there be anything anti-Islamic about the movie.
Another allegation against the film is that it confuses nationality and caste?
Not at all!
Who decides that a man and woman cannot be united despite religious differences?
Tomorrow if I fell for a Muslim man, I would marry him. Love is the essence of any religion.
Shabana Azmi found the film provocative.
I think her sentiments are uncalled for. When a similar issue marred her film, wasn't she the first one to say that the Hindus objected to it?
What happens now? We made a good sincere film.
Her film couldn't even be shot. At least ours has.
People have given us permission to shoot at certain locations and the censor board has gone through with our film. It meant that very intelligent decision-makers there allowed it because they saw nothing wrong with it.
I think Ms Azmi has made a religious discrimination. I'm sad that someone as distinguished as she is supposed to be, could do what she did. I am sorry to say this; but she has been very petty.
She created a hue and cry with her film, Water. What is she doing now?
When the tables turn and it hits home, it really hurts.
When did Amisha Patel become Sakina for Gadar?
The day I signed the film. From the 500 girls selected, only 22 were screen tested. My audition lasted 12 hours!
We had to enact some key scenes without knowing the entire graph of the film. I had to be spontaneous. I had to dance, had to change into costumes, to look the period. My process of thinking started then.
When I eventually was signed on, I had 20 sittings with the director where we worked on hair, costume, make-up and body language. I was given books on Lahore and Islam to read and movies to watch.
I also visited Haji Ali, watched how the people prayed, as part of my study of the Muslim culture.
Gadar - Ek Prem Katha I did a lot of research. We used to sketch diagrams of hairstyles we liked. From the six finalised, there was a specific one, which looked best.
A series of sittings with my wig-maker Kailashji followed. He tried to give me the Nargis-Madhubala, look, but I ended up with my own hair, all curled for the movie.
It was a long journey prior to the shooting; they were sittings with my writer Shaktimanji who would run me through the role of Sakina, we'd cover even costumes and color combinations beforehand.
The first scene that I actually did was the one where I'm already in Pakistan. At that point in the film, I'm already a mother and I tell my father "Hum Hindustan nahi jayenge, khat nahi likhenge, telephone nahi karenge, hum sirf intezaar karenge".
It was tough to channelise my thoughts to post-interval, separated and confronting my father.
And this was a year before Kaho Naa...Pyaar Hai had even released. I returned to the Simla portion of the school and college, later.
When I donned on the costumes and make-up and walked onto the set, I wasn't acting, I was Sakina. For most of the scenes, I did not use glycerine.
I think what helped me, were on the locations; the atmosphere created was very authentic. My director and producer had faith in me, I wasn't a star, I didn't have a Kaho Naa…
What did you assimilate about Islamic culture and Pakistan from the books you read? How did they help you?
What I essentially learnt was that Islam and Hinduism preach the same thing.
Many preconceived notions that I had about Islam, were cleared.
Amisha Patel I interacted with lots of Pakistanis, when I studied in America and became the best of friends. A high hypothetical geographical line in a map, doesn't make you different people.
We eat the same food, speak the same language; they love our Hindi movies. I am not ashamed of playing a Pakistani girl, I love the Muslim culture. I felt a kinship, found an understanding with them. It felt absolutely foolish to point out differences, that was the most amazing revolution I ever went through.
How did the character of Sakina affect you?
It affected me deeply.
When you understand Islam culture, you'll know that the body language of their women is unlike that of bold Punjabi women. A Muslim girl's eyes are always lowered, she is softer, she possess an understanding, that only culture can give.
A Hindu girl from an affluent educated background would perhaps speak to her father directly, but a Muslim girl bow her head down, in respect. That angle, made all the difference to my character.
What does Gadar - Ek Prem Katha mean to you?
Gadar - Ek Prem Katha has been my heartbeat, my breath, my passion, my life for the past two years.
How would you compare Gadar and KNPH?
KNPH was a very different film. You can't compare it with Gadar.
I played myself in KNPH, a college kid who had been through heartaches and crushes.
Gadar called for perfection. I couldn't walk onto the sets not knowing what I was going to wear and pull on a pair of jeans. Gadar was a very big film...we shot at original locations with huge crowds.
KNPH gave me a platform, an acceptance, it made me popular. Gadar has marked me as an actress. It have been compared with Madhubala and Meena Kumari...that alone is a big feat. Amisha in Kaho Na Pyaar HaiKNPH will go in the portals alongside Dilwale... and Dil To Pagal Hai. Gadar has a different niche. It goes down along with the Mughal-E-Azam and Pakeezah.
Not every actress gets what I have managed to, in their second film. You don't see period films or classic films like this made every year. You won't see another Gadar for another 20 years. KNPH was a candyfloss film of today, full of colour. Gadar was true reality.
Why the long break between KNPH and Gadar?
I was committed to Gadar before KNPH was released. For all ethical reasons it was to be my second film because they had signed me on. I walked out of many films, for Gadar. But I couldn't ask for a bigger hit, could i?
Weren't you afraid that the long sabbatical would erase you from public memory?
If your work is good, it doesn't matter if you do only film. Aamir does one film a year and he's more famous than any other.
But Aamir has 15 years of stardom behind him?
That doesn't matter! I'm starting a new trend. But, I feel one good film is worth more than five which don't do anything for you. I will have three to four releases, this year, though.
You've had three upto now KNPH, Badri and Gadar. And scored with all of them. Does this pressurise you or does it make you over-confident?
I feel lucky. I have gotten used to having hits now. People keep tagging me as a lucky charm for their films.
But, I know my little bubble will burst soon and I will be snapped out of my dreams. I'll take that in my stride as well. All I know, is that I am blessed. I didn't have a big banner backing, Anil Sharma was written off as a director; Sunny was a little too old for me.
Amisha Patel in Gadar - Ek Prem Katha When you think of Sunny, you don't think of a love story. When you think of Amisha Patel you don't think of her playing a mother to a five-year old. Also we were catering to a mass audience. But we went ahead and did it and it worked. I took the risk because I had conviction and it worked like magic.
And no, I am not over-confident.
Do you think you have never really been given your due?
As long as the dark horse is winning, I don't see the problem. The public will give me my due.
It would have been tougher if I had the backing of a Subhash Ghai or a Yash Chopra banner. That would have given them half the credit for the success.
When you have everything working against you and yet you beat every record, you feel real victory.
What is your definition of acting?
Acting is reacting, feeling, being. It's about reacting to people and being sensitive to emotions. If you are a sensitive person you can be a better actor. Acting can't be taught. There isn't a right or a wrong.
Did you read the original story for Gadar? Did you see Shaheed-E-Mohabbat?
No, I didn't.
It was an inspired story. I didn't want to go into the film with some pre-conceived notion. I knew that I had to put in my own homework not someone else's effort. I could have watched Shaheed-E-Mohabbat and been that girl but I didn't want to. I wanted to make Sakina an original. It was my decision.
Compare your stints with Hrithik, the latest craze and Sunny, the seasoned actor as actors.
Hrithik has a long way to go. He has a lot of learning to do. He will improve with every film. He is still a newcomer, he still is my buddy.
Sunny is a superstar. A National Award winner with 18 years in the industry. But he made me feel so comfortable. He was never insecure about his role.
Is this part of the journey or is this the destination? Is it going to be movies now?
Gadar - Ek Prem Katha I don't know. I don't know tomorrow. I am doing well, now. That matters most. I have been accepted, I have been loved.
I have an 'A' grade on my report card. I might see an 'F' on it tomorrow and then I might just have to exit gracefully.
Have you seen Lagaan?
No, I haven't. My parents have, and in many ways they thought it was better than mine and in many ways they thought my film scored over it.
But, they said that the two could not be compared. Lagaan is an entertainer Gadar is a serious film. But I am happy that the film did well because Aamir is my favourite actor.

In Rememberance : Eleven years of 'Gadar: Ek Prem Katha'.

Gadar Success Theater Celebration

Boxoffice Reception :
Gadar was nominated for several awards. The film grossed an estimated INR135 crore and is currently the seventeenth highest grossing Bollywood film. According to Box office India, around 4 crore tickets of Gadar were sold during its theatrical run while films like 3 Idiots and Dabangg sold around 2.5 crore tickets.[4] The film had grossed Rs. 75 lakh nett in Delhi/UP in its 10th week, which was higher than any second week nett gross at that time.[4],.The adjusted gross of the movie is whopping amount of Rs 286,55,00,000.It is also highest grossing movie of the year as well as decade.This was mainly due to the unparalleled business it gathered from B and C centres across India. The reactions by the public at the theatres where the film was playing had not been seen before and also have not been seen since.Gadar Ek Prem Katha released on 15th June 2001 left the trade stunned. There had been mega blockbusters just a few years back like Hum Aapke Hain Kaun and Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge but these were small releases and prints increased gradually but with Gadar it was a full blown release of 350 prints and never had anybody seen collections remain this high for such a big release.The first week opened to around all India 7.25 crore nett collections without West Bengal where the film was not released. The film had a massive release but prints had to be added in week two due to demand and with West Bengal seeing a release the collections went up to 8.25 crore nett. The third week was 7.50 crore nett. In its tenth week it was still bringing in around 2.50 crore nett with most of its prints still in play. Never had a film with such a big release held up this strongly.In its 10th week the film had a billing of 75 lakhs nett in Delhi/UP and this was higher than what most films did in their second week at that time. In fact a hit film which was released alongside, Lagaan had that 75 lakhs nett billing in the third week of its run. At many centres, it still holds lifetime theatre records ten years after release.
Even today, Gadar finds it's way to a theatre a for re-run at some theatre every month. It's a favourite with exhibitors in UP, Bihar, MP and Rajasthan who mainly do re-runs at their theatres. The other major hits released in that period like Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai, Mohabbatein, Lagaan and Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham hardly ever get a repeat run probably because they do not have the same repeat value for the masses.

Ameesha Tweeted : Thanks evryone for all the warm wishes on GADAR's 11th year anniversary 2day..truly a remarkable film that indian cinema has seen..I just loved the script when I heard it..I went by my heart n instinct n didn't listen 2 people who said don't do was madness in theatres..fites for tickets n overcrowding..v rarely do these things happen.gadar created revolution.t did over 200crs officially then so imagine what it wud b in todays time.feel proud 2 act in such films. Sadly they don't get made anymore.GADAR record Boxoffice collection around 4Crore tickets of Gadar were sold while films like 3 Idiots and Dabangg sold around 2.5Crores tickets. Even today,Gadar finds it's way to a theatre for re-run at some theatre every month in UP,Bihar,MP,n Rajasthan .I love period films n indian attire.wud love to do one as well..wish our filmmakers wud make such cinema

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Ameesha's big fat birthday bash

Ameesha Patel celebrated her birthday on June 9. Like every year, the actress had a big bash with her near and dear ones. As she is presently shooting for Abbas-Mustan’s film in Turkey, she made merry with the cast and crew apart from her special guests who flew down to the location for the occasion. A source from the unit fills in with the details...

Ameesha’s production house partner Kuunal Goomer and his wife Shammli were keen to celebrate her birthday in a special and memorable way.
Earlier, she was slated to perform at an awards event in Singapore and they had planned to have a party there. But once they knew that she would be in Turkey shooting for Race 2, they changed the plans.

Jacqueline Fernandez, Jaya Taurani, Ameesha Patel, Anil Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan at Ameesha’s birthday bash
Decorated venue
The palace where the cast is staying in Antalya is so huge that it has everything from clubs to restaurants to a beach so one doesn’t need to venture out. So they locked down to a club in the hotel itself called Monkey’s Club. It’s one of the best clubs in Antalya and Shammli and Kuunal had booked an entire area in the club for their guests.

Ameesha  Patel with Shammli and Kuunal Goomer
The private area was decorated with flowers and balloons. All the ice-box trays had ‘Happy Birthday Ameesha’ written on them. The invites were sent personally to all the rooms by Shammli with a soft toy and a personalised invite for the party which everyone found to be a cute and loving gesture. In fact the Race 2 team was very sweet to send a personalised letter to wish Ameesha with a lovely cake to her room as well.

The soft toy invite
Ameesha was looking ravishing on her birthday in a white dress and all couldn’t stop complimenting her on her body and looks. The cake cutting moment was very touching since they all asked her to make a wish and she shut her eyes and made a wish before she cut the cake. The party went on till the wee hours and everyone was chilling after a long day of shooting.

Ameesha Patel and Anil Kapoor 
Special unit
For Ameesha this birthday was special as she was with her entire crew and her favourite directors with whom she’s had the biggest hit Humraaz on whose sets she had also celebrated her birthday.

Ameesha Patel with Shammli Guumer and her brother Rohit Davar
Also her new film with Sunny Deol also went on the floors on her birthday which also made it even more special. Ameesha is loving working with the entire team and found everyone loving and friendly. She specially has lots of admiration for Anilji, who is so dedicated and such a fine actor.

Ameesha Patel with Abbas Mustaan and Hussain
He is so professional and so health conscious and fit after so many years — this encourages her and the rest of the team as well. For Ameesha, it was a memorable birthday and with Shammli and Kuunal joining her on location made it a complete dream birthday.

The birthday note and cake from the Race 2 team

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Ameesha FANS Wishing happy birthday,She is in Turkey

Enjoying her break day Shopping..
Princess room at the mardan palace in antalya turkey
Had a 2 day break in istanbul..spent it shopping n eating..

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Ameesha's spcl BIRTHDAY pics Set-3