Model turned Actor Sahil Shroff and Actor Zayed Khan playing leads of DesiMagic opposite Ameesha. Ameesha will be seen playing a dual role or the first time


DesiMagic will mark ad-maker Mehulatha's debut as a director.He is a talented ad filmmaker who has made over 300 ads.He has the knack of making a masala flick wit great emotions


Other Supporting star cast includes the lights of Lilette Dubey, Bhojpuri Actor Ravikishann and Our Lovable Actor Randhir Kapoor who will be playing a fathers role to a Character of Ameesha in DesiMagic


DesiMagic has all the ingredients of a youthful entertainer, also packs in family value life. The film has all the elements like comic, drama, emotion having said that it’s not going to be a brainless masala.

Above all she is my PRINCESS

The role fr both the male leads in #DesiMagic is very today’s youth role that young actors would love to do n the audience would love to see

Clic to Watch DesiMagic Teaser

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Ameesha's 1st ever Interview ( read it ) 'It's unfair to have just one goal in life'

Amisha PatelAnother one is bitten by the bug. We are talking about Amisha Patel, who is all set to debut opposite Hrithik Roshan in Rakesh Roshan's dream production, Kaho Naa...Pyaar Hai.
One bright morning met Amisha at her tastefully done-up apartment. She took us to her beautiful bedroom, which is every little girl's dream come true. The room is full of stuffed toys, including seven stuffed dwarfs. As for Snow White, it has to be the pretty and petite Amisha herself.
Here she is, in conversation with Sukanya Verma.
Were you always interested in films?
Let me start at the beginning. I started learning Bharatnatyam when I was five and have given many live performances. Dancing is in my blood, it just comes from my soul. So, I never had any camera or stage fright.
But I do not belong to a filmi family. My grandfather Rajni Patel was a famous lawyer -- his statue will be unveiled on the 25th of this month (November). My grandmother has done up the Mani Bhavan museum while my dad is a businessman.
So you see, I come from an illustrious family where education plays an important role. Our parents saw to it that we ranked among the top five, at least in our class. After schooling, I went to the US for further studies and did two years of Biogenetic engineering. After a while, I switched to Economics because I didn't want to stay there much longer.
I graduated in economics with a gold medal and minored in dance, drama and religion. Later, I did some modelling, just for fun. Even when I was in the US, I did some shows. One of my friends even suggested that I should be in Bombay, giving Madhuri Dixit a run for her money! And since Madhuri is my favourite, I was thrilled to be compared to her.
So what actually prompted you to take the plunge?
It is during my last month at university that I realised I cannot run away from what I really want to do. I could no longer ignore the fact that I wanted to do films. So I wrote to my parents, saying that I need to do something creative, something like the performing arts.
They just dismissed it off as my latest obsession. I came back to India and started working with my dad in his office, but it was a disaster (laughs). Even though I was good at work, my heart wasn't in it. Then I worked for a finance company, but I wasn't really happy. I wanted to do something which would have my heart, soul and mind in it.
I told my parents I wanted to act in films. And there was World War III in the house! We just fought and fought on this issue for an entire year. Ultimately, they relented when they realised that I was not going to budge.
But my dad made me promise that I shall do quality films and not go on a signing spree. My bread and butter don't come from films. It is something I do because I enjoy it. I have the option to reject films.
How did Kaho Naa...Pyaar Hai happen?
Amisha Patel One day, Rakesh uncle (Rakesh Roshan) called my family over for lunch. That wasn't unusual as he has known my dad right from his school days. At that time, I had no clue that Kareena (Kapoor) was not doing the film. I remember it was July 6. For the first five minutes, we were talking in general, and then suddenly he asked me, 'Amisha, would you like to do my film?' I said, 'But Kareena is already in the film.'
He then said she was not doing the film and that he was offering me the lead role. I just died (smiles). This is what I had been waiting for. I was so lucky to get this break. I did not have to go and break my head at any producer's office. I was so happy and excited that I kept jumping up and down throughout the lunch, much to everyone's amusement.
That was it -- there was no formal contract, just an agreement letter that I am doing his film. I've not looked back since then.
Tell us about the film.
It's an out-and-out love story. It has all the ingredients of a mirch masala film, because Rakesh Roshan knows how to keep the public glued to the seats. It's got action, beautiful songs, exotic locales, amazing choreography (by Farah Khan) and the Rakesh Roshan brand of comedy. There's nothing missing in it, not glamour, simplicity, tears or smiles. I won't call it different, rather it's a wholesome film. I must add that Rakesh uncle did not compromise anywhere. He has looked at every detail and made a very sensible film. You will fall in love with the characters. The film has a very classy, young and fresh feel to it.
How was it working with Rakesh Roshan?
It was a dream. No doubt he is a strict disciplinarian, but he is also so organised. He used to be the first to come on the sets -- before the light boys or anyone else.He would complete a 10-day schedule in seven days. When you work with someone like that, you learn a lot.
He did scream at me at times, but not too often. My dad told him to treat me exactly the way he would treat his son or daughter, and toughen me up since my family has always protected me.
The film is completely balanced. Both Hrithik and I have been presented in equal light. It is not like the other star-son launches where the heroine is completely sidelined. Rakeshji believes in making a good film first and foremost. His logic -- which makes a lot of sense -- is that if the film’s a hit, so is my son.
Were you nervous when you shot for the first scene?
It was a dance sequence. Since I love dancing, I was comfortable. Everyone in the unit was helpful and they encouraged me to give my best. Rakesh uncle never made it seem like it was his film and I was working in it. He always said, 'this is our film.' I am still learning and I hope to get better and better with each passing film.
How did you and Hrithik get along?
Hrithik is a gem of a person to work with. He was extremely helpful. Whenever I had problems with costumes or something like that, I would go crying to him. We became good friends during the making of the film. His girlfriend Suzanne is my best friend. I've known her since I was 16. Hrithik was never my co-star, he was more like my buddy. The environment we worked in was healthy and friendly.
Did you have any problems accepting a role rejected by Kareena Kapoor?
Amisha Patel Not at all. I don't think I will be the first choice for every film so early in my career. That doesn't mean that I should let go of such a good offer. Had I been stubborn about not doing a film rejected by someone, I wouldn’t have been in such a wonderful film and that would have been entirely my loss. I do not like my ego coming in the way; for me it's the final product that counts.
There are constant comparisons made between you, Kareena and Rinke Khanna -- how do you react to that?
I think this happens to every newcomer. There is an invisible rivalry created by the media. The audience too, is curious to find out who is better. Honestly, I feel that Kareena, Rinke and I have nothing against each other. If we were to bump into each other, I am sure we will be able to have a polite conversation. I would be game to act in a project with either of them. In any case, there is so much work for everyone in the industry that one girl can't do all the films. It has to be distributed. So, we need more and more youngsters in the industry.
Does it make a difference that you are not a star child?
It is different. If you are a star kid, everything comes to you on a platter. You are declared a star even without a single release. But if you are not from a filmi background, things are very different. Whether it is publicity, hype or film offers, the star children always have an upperhand. But there are disadvantages too. If they don’t do well, they receive a lot of flak.
What has the industry response to you been like?
It has been excellent. All those who have seen the film in parts have appreciated Hrithik and me. They feel he and I look good on screen and make a good pair. Everyone has been saying that Rakeshji has not only launched his son but also a newcomer with a lot of potential.
How do you deal with gossip and false link-ups written about you?
Initially, it irritated me. I used to try and defend myself, but now I turn a deaf ear. It is very silly of the media to badmouth stars who are the idols of millions. When false items are published in a magazine, it may have an adverse effect on a fan who is at an impressionable age. I feel really sad to see when the media, which is such a powerful tool, has a negative effect instead of a positive one on the public.
But I don't lose sleep over such lies because it is part and parcel of the industry. I have told my parents not to get affected by whatever is published. I am better off ignoring gossip rather than fighting it.
What are the other films you are doing?
There is one Telugu film. The South Indian film industry is very organised and disciplined -- their technicians are good and the films wrap up fast. It is a good exposure. I have decided to do one film in the South every year.
I am also doing Vikram Bhatt's Armaan, again with Hrithik. One film that I am really excited about is Gadar opposite Sunny Deol. It is a period film set in the '40s. I play a Muslim girl and Sunny is a Sikh in the film. It's a beautiful love story which requires strong performances. I am excited about this not only because my second film is with a superstar like Sunny, but also because unlike a whole lot of movies, I have a substantial role. In fact, the story revolves around the girl here.
Does being educated make a difference in Bollywood?
Amisha Patel It sure does. Because you know you don't have to sign the wrong films. People know that you come from a respectable home, with sound education, so they automatically tend to respect you. They can't take you for a ride. You don't have to be desperate for films.
Which films do you enjoy watching?
At times, I enjoy a crazy comedy by David Dhawan. Then there are times when I watch serious films. I would love to do an Umrao Jaan, a Mrityudand or a Lamhe.
Who are the directors you would love to work with?
Yash Chopra, Subhash Ghai, Aditya Chopra, Karan Johar, Mahesh Manjrekar, Raj Kumar Santoshi. They are excellent directors and it would be a privilege to work with them. Given a chance, I would love to work with Rakesh uncle again.
Your favourite actors and actresses are...
Madhuri is my all-time favourite. Rekha, Sridevi are also fabulous. Among the current stars, Kajol and Manisha Koirala are deadly performers. I have always admired Dilip Kumar's intensity and Shah Rukh's spontaneity. Govinda is another tremendous actor.
What is your ultimate dream?
I don't have a dream. I don't have an end. I want to enjoy everything in life to the fullest. Now it is films, tomorrow it may be marriage, kids, business or something else. It's unfair to have just one goal in life. I believe in having a good today, because if my today is good, tomorrow is bound to be great.

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amisha patel with Rocky S. @ his bridal show in bombay ( VIDEOS )

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ameesha Sensuous Screenshots from CSTS dvd

SCREENSHOTS(Clickable Thumbnails)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ameesha @Mousam Premiere ( VIDEOS)

Friday, September 23, 2011

amisha patel with Rocky S. @ his bridal show in bombay

Bollywood actress Amisha Patel walks the ramp spotted with beautiful dark green crushed material lehenga with gold heavy rich kundan work large border and gold polka dots paired with matching short sleeves embroidery designer 'V' neck blouse with polka dots and dual color netted rich duppatta at Amby Valley bridal week 2011.Princess looking ultra gorgeous, Indian attires suits her d best, She looking lyk an ANARKALI in bridal wear, Luved her  STYLE

Ameesha @Mousam Premiere

Ameesha Patel : Turning over a new page

We know that Ameesha Patel is a real book lover. If you ever visit the gal on the sets of  film you will see books strewn around her make-up van. She loves talking about her favourite books. In fact, in the past some of her co-stars have actually branded her as ’snobbish’ because she preferred reading in her cozy van during shooting breaks, rather than socialising with the rest of the cast and crew. Well, just blame it on her crazy love for books, guys. It warm up to another, right? Now that the gal is being extra choosy about her roles, and signing on projects slowly but wisely n planning fr her production..We wish her All the best fr her new pages in life 

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Ameesha Signs for Another Movie ( Short Cut Romeo )

Get set for some kick-ass thrill coming your way. In the wake of most Tamil hit remakes ("Bodyguard", "Singham", "Ghajini", etc) making their presence felt in Bollywood, Susi Ganesh is now coming up with his next as a director and co-producer with Ameesha Patel and Neil Nitin Mukesh in the lead. 

Ameesha is all enthusiastic to play the role of a rich, glamorous girl in the film. And Neil's character of a local rowdy goon will be reminiscent of his "Johnny Gaddar" days. 
With an increasing number of reports that actor Ameesha Patel was slowly getting away from signing Bollywood films and getting headlong into filmmaking, the actor has finally got a reason to cheer. Ameesha has now signed a film with actor Neil Nitin Mukesh in the lead which will be made by South Indian director Susi Ganeshan.

“Ameesha has signed a film with South India director Susi Ganesan. He is remaking his film Thiruttu Payale (a hit in Tamil) in Hindi with Ameesha and Neil in the lead,” says a statement on behalf of the actor.

Ameesha too confirmed that she has signed the film and that she is looking forward to start shooting for the film. “I am very happy to do such a thrilling film. Very excited to do a film of this genre again. It’s a very intelligent script and a step forward from the same genre of suspense thrillers that I have been part of before,” says Ameesha.

“The film is a suspense thriller with an under tone of romance. It’s actually a cat and mouse chase between the two protagonists. The film was a major hit in the south doing and has done a business of over 60 crores (considered a super hit business figure for the South industry). The Hindi film is called Short Cut Romeo,” says a source.

According to sources close to the actor, Ameesha decided to sign the movie because for the past few years, south remakes in Bolywood have done major business and Ameesha wanted to cash in on the popularity wave of south Indian films.

“For the last two years, mostly remakes of South Indian films are being made into Hindi and are doing tremendous business... Wanted, Dabangg, Bodyguard, etc and Ameesha wanted to take advantage of this wave. She has seen the original version of the movie and liked it a lot. The advantage with south remakes is that, you already have a superhit film in your hands, all you need to do is that tweak it to fit Bollywood sensibilities in such a way that it becomes even more appealing,” the source adds.  Multitasking in her new role of an actor-turned-producer, she confesses to have little time to relax and is concentrating full-time on making fun films with David Dhawan and Priyadarshan. "There's another surprise coming from my production house soon," she signs off excitedly. 

Manickam (Hero), belongs to a poor family in a village. He does not respect any of his family members, except for his uncle (Vinod Raj) who lives in Chennai. The story gets rolling once he decides to come and stay with his uncle at Chennai.
Once while he is watching people playing golf, he notices Roopini  and Ramesh having an illegal relationship. He manages to capture the same in his video camera. Roopini is the wife of a rich businessman 
Manickam blackmails Roopini and extracts money from her whenever he needs. Once he makes a trip abroad to Australia with Roopini’s expenditure. There he happens to meet Rosy (Heroine AMEESHA ). He falls in love with her. Rosy tells him that she is a very rich girl from a respected family. While he decide to propose to her, he finds that she has left the city. He is upset and just at that time, Roopini makes a phone calls and tells him that Rosy was sent by her only to woo Manickam and demand that if he needs Rosy, he needs to hand over the cassette to her.
From that point on does Manickam get his love back, or does Roopini her cassette back forms the rest of the story.

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Ameesha Patel: I Know I am Sexy


No favouritism, no camps, no bending morals. Actress Ameesha Patel, who rose to fame starring opposite Hrithik Roshan in Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai, is no longer that vulnerable girl who made her film debut over a decade ago. She has survived fame, family betrayals, a broken heart and career setbacks among other things. But this undaunted Gujarati lass is now back with a bang. This time, with the reins firmly in her hands.

Nimisha Tiwari
Being sexy... does it make you feel superior to others?
Ameesha Patel
I know I am sexy. But being sexy is all about attitude, not body type. It’s a state of mind.To me, an intelligent girl with a positive attitude and a great smile is sexy... and she could well be wearing a salwar-kameez. In our profession, sometimes being overtly sexy can be a handicap. You don’t really know if the men are just looking at you as a sex kitten or actually paying attention to you. But yes, I am glad I can carry off a sensuous avatar on screen. I work on my body to stay fit, but that does not make me superior to anyone. I am a forthright and hardworking girl.

Nimisha Tiwari
Your Miss-Goody-Two-Shoes image has withered. The whip is now in your hands...
Ameesha Patel
I have struggled a lot and put in tremendous amounts of hard work to reach this phase in my life. Believe me, it’s not easy being an actress and a producer, especially with no big daddy to support you. I love the fact that I am not arriving on someone else’s sets. I have a say on when the camera will roll and what it will shoot. I am proud that I did not succumb to industry pressures or bend my morals.

Nimisha Tiwari
You have bagged a steamy role in Race 2. Age doesn’t seem to be catching up.
Ameesha Patel
Yes, I will be seen in Race 2 soon. As for my looks, my friends keep telling me that with every new candle added on my birthday cake, I regress in age. I think it’s the effects of positivity within me. I eat healthy, I don’t smoke and follow a good exercise regime. I have always been my grandmother’s pet child. She passed away at 92 but didn’t look a day over 60.

Nimisha Tiwari
Looking back, you went underground post Kaho Na Pyaar Hai and Gadar. Do you regret losing out on meaty roles in the years since?
Ameesha Patel
I never really went without action. Kaho Na... and Gadar have been top grossers in the Hindi film industry. I played Saif Ali Khan’s love interest in Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic (remember Lazy Lamhe), and Bhool Bhulaiyaa was a hit too. I was approached for Billu but the role finally went to Lara Dutta. Priyadarshan felt I looked too young to play a mother to two kids.

Nimisha Tiwari
If you could turn back time, what would you erase from the past?
Ameesha Patel
Honestly, I would erase nothing. Life is all about evolution. What looks like a mistake to others has been a milestone in my life. Even if people have betrayed me, even if my heart was broken, even if people misunderstood or judged me, I have learned from these incidents.We are human and we make mistakes, but learning from them is what makes the difference. I have learned to live my life from my grandmother. Her fire and grit showed me the way ahead.

Nimisha Tiwari
Not too long ago, Bipasha Basu and you wore the same dress at a red carpet event. How did you take that?
Ameesha Patel
I had got this dress specially made by my friend and designer Ramona Narang Rodella. The mix up wasn’t her fault. Apparently, some junior assistant gave away the same dress in a different colour for a film with Bipasha, but she decided to wear it on the red carpet. No actress wants to be in a situation like this obviously, and people went a little crazy writing about it, but Bips and I laughed it away. I am over that incident.

Nimisha Tiwari
Your sartorial preference is known to be sexy...
Ameesha Patel
I have had a fabulous upbringing. My family lived in Mumbai and London, and we travelled all the time. The exposure really boosted my confidence and dressing style. I am not a fashion victim. I pick what I feel comfortable in. I love shoes and handbags. In fact, I have an enviable collection. I love dressing up. I know what suits me and looking sexy is a compliment. Dressing up and looking good is effortless for me.

Nimisha Tiwari
How do you keep in shape and take care of your long tresses and skin?
Ameesha Patel
I eat healthy, work out and sleep well. I don’t go overboard and do not abuse my body. I use besan on my skin, oil my hair and use raw eggs as a pack. I also like to hit the spa when I can. I go for facials and massages too.

Nimisha Tiwari
Anyone you fall back on during bad times?
Ameesha Patel
I have a set of 10-15 rock solid friends. I laugh with them, cry with them and often seek their advice. I can count on them always. My business partner Kuunal Goomer is my best friend. We share the same tastes in music, fashion and films. And finally, when my production house Ameesha Patel Productions happened, we became a natural team.

Nimisha Tiwari
What kind of space are you in right now?
Ameesha Patel
I am a child, but I am sorted. I know my priorities and values. I stay happy by doing things my way. I celebrate my birthday with a lot of excitement, like a child... sending out invitations six months in advance! I enjoy the whole drama of cutting a cake, singing songs, dancing and then unwrapping presents. It’s the fun element in our lives that keeps us going. I have decided to make films that can entertain the entire family. It’s time to bring back the ‘Fun Day’ concept.And you know what, I will damn well do it!