Model turned Actor Sahil Shroff and Actor Zayed Khan playing leads of DesiMagic opposite Ameesha. Ameesha will be seen playing a dual role or the first time


DesiMagic will mark ad-maker Mehulatha's debut as a director.He is a talented ad filmmaker who has made over 300 ads.He has the knack of making a masala flick wit great emotions


Other Supporting star cast includes the lights of Lilette Dubey, Bhojpuri Actor Ravikishann and Our Lovable Actor Randhir Kapoor who will be playing a fathers role to a Character of Ameesha in DesiMagic


DesiMagic has all the ingredients of a youthful entertainer, also packs in family value life. The film has all the elements like comic, drama, emotion having said that it’s not going to be a brainless masala.

Above all she is my PRINCESS

The role fr both the male leads in #DesiMagic is very today’s youth role that young actors would love to do n the audience would love to see

Clic to Watch DesiMagic Teaser

Monday, August 30, 2010

Ameesha and Maanayata are iFriend now

Ameesha Patel is a friend in deed, cares for best buddy Maanayata Dutt and even gets her an iPad
Ameesha Patel is the best friend a girl can ask for. She is caring for the pregnant Maanayata Dutt like only a true BFF can. 

I'm there for you!
The actress is not only planning a baby shower for her galpal when she enters the seventh month of pregnancy, but is also ensuring that the mother-to-be is comfortable in every possible way in her everyday life.
When Mrs Dutt developed swollen feet, the actress got her an iPad so she could laze in bed and surf. It also had the net card loaded so Maana didn't have to do anything but switch on her new gizmo.

Watch over her

Sanjay Dutt has been out of the country for over a month now and though he is constantly in touch with Maana over the phone, nothing can make up for his physical presence. So he has requested the actress to watch over his biwi. And Ameesha has been taking her job very seriously. Says a source, "Last week, Mrs Dutt's domestics fell ill. So she had to tend to herself and the stress sent her blood pressure soaring. The star wife was advised bed rest for three days. Ameesha rushed over, ensured her friend rested and fussed over her."

Home delivery
She has also been getting Maana dinner from her fav suburban restaurants as she can't travel. As for the baby shower, the actress loves parties and has taken it upon herself to plan it to the minutest detail.
The Ameesha-Maanayata bonding began after the former shot with Dutt for a film. When Patel's grandmother died last week, Maana was one of the few people she called. 

MAANAYATA  on Twitter said : Amypoo you surely know to pamper and spoil me...thank you for the i pad...
- Mid-Day

Ameesha @ Go India Foundation! Blood Donation Drive

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ameesha Patel Fainted While Shooting

Ameesha Patel is in Mumbai now recovering from her fainting spell on the sets. All of a sudden, she collapsed during her shoot in Hyderabad. Ameesha was shooting for a Telugu film PVC
Reports say that Ameesha mentally broke down as her maternal grandmother passed away recently. She was very close to her. The departure of her completely broke down Ameesha. Before she got over the tragedy, work called and she had to return to her shoot. Her parents asked her to take some rest and take a short break from work. But she wanted to absorb herself into work to get over the pain.
Says an eye-witness, "On Tuesday afternoon Ameesha just collapsed while on the set. Crew members instantly took her to a hospital where she was put on intravenous drip."
Her brother Ashmit confirms, "Yes Ameesha was hospitalised. I think the stress of losing our grandma a few days back and the heat and dust at her shoot in Hyderabad took a toll on her. Also, there's a round of very strong viral infection doing the rounds in the city. Fortunately my mom is around to take care of her. In fact she has almost recovered and is on her way to resume shooting."

But Nothing to worry  AMEESHA SAID :- I'm feelin betr. Have rested all day ....Today  Just landed in bombay. Was working all day. Then packed n left for airport. Been v hectic. Glad to b in mumbai. Pulled thru the schedule somehow. Have to go bak in 2 wks.Will rest tomorw finally as still have fevr n cold n cough. But just being w family n friends will make me well faster. Missing my grandma

Monday, August 23, 2010

22-08-10 The Day I met AMEESHA

Yahooo i met AMEESHA Finally in Shoots of ParamVeeraChakra...HERE are the PICS

I am Waiting for This Chance Only
The Best Pic i should Preserve All Lyf
With Her Mom Asha Patel ( v.beautiful n v.young)
Her P.A HAMEED (white) ; MakeUp man PRASAAN (blue)
With Her Hair- Stylist  ( from KNPH) HASEENA
The Most Happiest Memorable Moments in my lyf


Here is d 1st Look of our Angel AmeeshaPatel in Her Latest Movie PARAM VEERA CHAKRA

She is a Doing a very Gud Traditional Performance oriented Role 
AMISHA Said :- shooting action sequences. Quite tedious

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Amisha ParamveeraChakra Shooting

We all knw  Amisha Patel has been signed to be a part of the Telugu patriotic movie Parama Veera Chakra. She will be pairing with actor Balakrishna. The movie is being directed by veteran director Dasari Narayana Rao.Her Shooting started on 19th August in Romoji Film City ...The scenes were shot in a Huge banglow Set ;she is appearing in Traditional role with Sarees.

Balakrishna is playing a dual role in the film. The movie is now shooting at Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad. Some of the war scenes will be shot in Kashmir and other areas. The outdoor shooting will commence from November.

 Some of Exclusive Pics Of House Set Captured By Me

Ameesha’s beloved grandmum passes away

The Patel household is in a state of shock. Ameesha and Ashmit Patel lost their paternal grandmother on Thursday night. Ameesha’s grandmother Susheela Patel breathed her last at 10.30 pm, after suffering from a prolonged illness. The entire family rushed the next morning to attend to her last rites.

Ameesha was very close to her grandmother. She used to spend a lot of quality time with her and would often take her out too. Having suffered from a chequered equation with her parents, whom she once accused of embezzling her career earnings, Ameesha was rather close to her grandmother.

Her patch-up with her parents last December could well have been her grandmother’s doing. This therefore is a big loss for the actor.

Her sibling, a grieving Ashmit Patel, said, “She had been bedridden for the past couple of years due to a car accident she suffered in 2005. She was extremely alert, intuitive and full of life. In her last 10 days, she suffered a lot.

But she passed away peacefully on Thursday night. She was very close both to my sister and me. It’s quite a shock for us. More so for my sister because she had taken care of her single-handedly for the past five-six years.”

Incidentally Ameesha was shooting in Hyderabad for a Telegu film when she heard the news. She rushed to Pune immediately to attend to the last rites, accompanied with her recently-reconciled mother. 

Her Response on twitter I'm sorry . My grandma just died. I can't tweet for few days. I'm heartbroken. I'm very low n shattered. At the airport in pune. Just cremated my grandma.flew early this morn to mumbai n then pune.Got a call at 12 last nite that my most precious grandma is no more.. Thank u for all the condolence messages. Means a lot to me.I have to be back to my shoot early tomorw morning. I don't know how I will focus. This is the worst day of my life. But thanks for all love.This is part of life. I knew with her age it could happen anytime. Just kept praying she will live till 100. I loved her the most in d world.Thanks everyone for sharing my pain n being w me in this hard time. I will nevr forget all the sweet tweets ull sent me. Ull hav bkum family.hat's y I shared this tragedy. God bless her soul. She is in a betr place. Hope she rests in peace.I'm v low n upset n broken. I loved my grandma the grandma was a radiant sweet n v pure person. Highly educated n v cultured. A real angel. N v honest.yes my grandma n I had an unexplainable bond. Unconditional love both ways. She was too precious. She was huge influence on me.  I will perform well bkos my grandma wud want that.I'm so happy atleast I cud see her yestrday before the body was cremated.I was glad to b able to kiss her feet n face n hug her before she left for heaven.she is an angel. she was my everything. Most precious. She will b in my heart forever

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ameesha in ParamVeeraChakra With

Looks like Balakrishna’s super hit movie ‘Simha’ had a lucky charm that worked for the actor. It had three actresses, Sneha Ullal, Nayantara and Namitha with Balakrishna. And we hear that Balayya babu will repeat the count with his forthcoming film ‘Paramveera Chakra’
While we already reported that Ameesha Patel will come back to Telugu after a long gap acting opposite Balakrishna, here’s more news. Neha Dhupia who acted opposite Rajashekhar in 2002 film ‘Villain’, will be seen in Telugu again. Also Sheela, who went onto show her glamorous side opposite Jr.NTR in the film ‘Adurs’ will play another important role.
Interestingly, while Ameesha Patel and Neha Dhupia’s careers have taken a slump and they are hoping that their work in Telugu films will bring good times. Working with Balakrishna should definitely help them

AMEESHA come out to support SALMAN Blood Donation Camp

MissIffy it was Salman's blood donation drive. He's the brand ambassador &he called up all his frnds.Aamir Khan, Ameesha, Kangana, Dia Mirza, Ritesh, Sohail, Sonakshi, Dino n Many more attended the event

Ameesha Stated : Ashmit patel n me just gave blood for salmans being human blood drive. My first experience w donating blood in Twitter

AMEESHA Confirmed beside BALAYYA

Telugu news:Balakrishna  with Amisha Patel శిల్పాశెట్టి, రవీనా టాండన్, తనుశ్రీ దత్తా, కత్రినా కైఫ్ వంటి బాలీవుడ్ భామలతో రోమాన్స్ చేసిన బాలకృష్ణ త్వరలో మరో బాలీవుడ్ భామతో కలిసి నటించనున్నాడు.
గతంలో పవన్ కళ్యాణ్, మహేష్ బాబు, ఎన్టిఆర్ ల సరసన నటించిన అమీషా పటేల్ త్వరలో బాలకృష్ణకు జోడిగా కనిపించనుంది.

According to the sources our AMEESHA  may Work with NANDAMURI BALAKRISHNA , Superstar of Tollywood,If it gets FINALISED V surely see our princess in many more Telugu movies 

SLIPHA SETTY;RAVEENA TANDON,TANU SREE,KATRINAKAIF, romanced earlier with BALAKRISHNA n its likely AMESHA GOING TO JOIN ..AMEESHA acted earlier with Superstars like MAHESHBABU,PAVAN KALYAN, likely to do a movie "Param Veera Chakra" directed by legendary Dasari Narayana Rao.She replaced Anushka, Sheela as 2nd lead

Veteran director Dasari Narayana Rao has signed Bollywood beauty Amisha Patel to act opposite Balakrishna in his current patriotic project ‘Parama Veera Chakra’.

Sources add that Amisha was chosen after a lot of discussion. Reports had that Anushka would do the lead role but she apparently had cited date problems paving the way to the charming Amisha Patel. As reported before, young heroine Sheela will be the other lead in the movie.

About ‘Parama Veera Chakra’, the movie as the title defines is a patriotic theme! Balayya plays double role in the movie! As of now the movie is currently being shot in Ramoji Film City. A few locations have been spotted in Kashmir and other areas to shoot war shots. The out-door schedule will start in November. 
                                 --INDIA GLITZ

AMISHA , Salman Arbaaz Sohail at Arpita Khan birthday bash

AMISHA IN Salman Arbaaz Sohail at Arpita Khan birthday bash 
She attented with gorgeous black dress n with her beloved brother ASHMIT