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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ameesha to design eyewear

Ameesha Patel has often been spotted with sunglasses. The actress has a fetish for glares and never steps out without them. She considers them to be her most important accessory. Once she has decided on her outfit, her next part of dressing up is to find the shades to match.

It comes as no surprise that she has a huge collection of sunglasses. She owns almost 125 pairs! In fact she collects them and maintains a separate wardrobe only for her sunnies. Ameesha has always worn the latest brands and styles in eyewear since years.

The actress-turned-producer has now been approached by an eyewear company to be the brand ambassador for their sunglasses, which will be available in reputed stores all over India. Ameesha will be shooting for the ad in Goa in mid-June and this ad will be aired on television in July on all channels.

This is Ameesha’s first endorsement for sunglasses and since her career is back on track, there have been enquiries from various companies. For her, it is the brand that is important and not the money. She believes that a product should be loved by people which will make her happy rather then just being paid a big amount to endorse it like her other contemporaries.

The actress will also be giving her inputs in terms of designing the collection. Incidentally, this is the first time an actress is getting into designing sunglasses, since the company feels that her styling has been the biggest reason for them to approach her and with age she’s only looking younger and younger.

Also what is most important for how is how they will showcase and sell the brand to what kind of market.
- Mid-Day