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Friday, September 13, 2013

Ameesha's MAXIM Magazine inside pics with interview

It’s been a few years since Ameesha Patel spent some time with us. We finally caught up, and she’s blown us away with her bold new attitude. This is an Ameesha we haven’t seen before.
Look closely at these pictures and reminisce: Ameesha Patel was always hot, but she’s taken her hotness quotient a dozen notches higher. Okay, put your eyes back in their sockets...

Hi, Ameesha! Welcome back! This is your third appearance and the most sensational. We couldn’t have asked for more. How do you feel?
Only people who are extremely sexy get featured in MAXIM. So I am very lucky that this is my third appearance in the magazine and people consider me sexy and want to see me more. It is very flattering because over the years, I have changed, and I’m glad people still find me very hot.
You’ve done many shoots before but we’re sure this was nothing like them. Did you enjoy the shoot? How was the experience?
I completely enjoyed the shoot. The team knew my comfort zone and they didn’t push me out of it. We spent a lot of time discussing the mood and the setting. The pictures have turned out so sexy.
You’ve been in some big movies and then there was a phase when you were avoiding the limelight. Has the journey been as you expected when you set out?
The journey has been long with its share of ups and downs. It was heartening to see people appreciate me as Sakeena in Gadar: Ek Prem Katha or playing a widow in The Rising: Ballad of Mangal Pandey. I’ve never wanted to do something simple or easy. I have always enjoyed challenges and whenever I have gone with my gut feeling, it’s been rewarded. I’m looking forward to my next movie, where I’m playing the toughest role of my life. But I have evolved as a performer and as a person, and I have to say I am pretty kicked about this phase of my life.
Your family didn’t really have a Hindi film industry connect. Was it hard to convince your parents to let you join Satyadev Dubey’s theatre group?
It was very hard to convince my parents. When you have a gold medal in economics and a good career ahead of you, your parents are bound to be a little apprehensive. Luckily for me, Rakesh Roshan was known to my family as he was my father’s schoolmate. So when he offered me a film, my parents were okay with it. I just enjoyed myself in the film and I think that’s what people really liked about me. My parents said it had to be a one-off thing but I’d gone for the screen test of Gadar on the sly. In hindsight, I’m glad how things turned out.
The film industry is competitive, with new faces coming in every year. How difficult is it to survive and make a mark?
It is difficult for everyone in the film industry, whether you’re a newcomer or have been around. One actually faces competition from oneself, too. In my case, when you begin your career with a Kaho Naa... Pyaar Hai and then go on to do a Gadar, people expect you to match that. But that’s not possible.
You look hotter than ever before, including your previous shoots. What’s the secret to being in such great shape?
I’m blessed with a hyper personality and a high metabolism rate. I like to eat but it is usually healthy stuff... with the occasional binge. I work out, but don’t spend hours in the gym, just about 20 to 40 minutes. And, yeah, I have good genes.
You look hot.We have to ask all over again Wat does a guy have to doto get your attention and score a date ith you?
He has to be himself and honest.Actually, if he doesn't try too hard to get any attention,perhaps that's what would work.He should respect me, and a touch of humour and intelligence wouldnt hurt. oh, beore I forget,he shuld have a good sense of hygiene.
Let's say a guy manages to get a date with you. What are the things he should keep in mind before you slam the door in his face?
He should have good manners and humality.I can understand if a guy is nice to me but I'd rather have the guy be nice to people who dont come from equally previleged backgrounds.And what he shouldnt do is lie or try to be someone he's not. Becouse, like most girls,I'll read through him.
And what would makes a perfect date? We're taking notes,obviously!
It could be simple things like a drive and watching a movie together.I'd like the guy to be innovative.He should be able to sweep me off my feet with something creative. It would be lovely to have nice romantic dinner at the end, though.
We are forever figuring out what a woman expects in a relationsip, whether it's new or if it's been a few years.What gives?
Women only want loyalty, honesty and companship.I feel a guy has to be my best friend to have a good, healthy relationship. Nobody likes to be dominated or subdued these days. Most women are working now and it's time men learnt to treat women as equals in relationships.