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Friday, September 3, 2010

Ameesha: Maa hai na!

Now a jasoos from Juhu has dropped in to give me some khabar on Ameesha Patel, I’m informed that Ameesha is bonding big time with her momma Asha Patel. Seems Aunty ji was the person from the family to reach Hyderabad along with her actor-daughter later fainted on the sets while shooting for a Telugu film last week.

Itna hi nahin, Asha aunty has been staying with Ameesha at her Juhu pad ever since they returned to Mumbai a couple of days ago. And she’s ensuring that she nurses her daughter back to good health. The actor is also pleased to have her momma by her side, now that the two Patel women are back to being pals like the good old days. Kewl!