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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ameesha walks out of "Rajdhani Express"

Amisha Patel, who was in the news recently for signing Rajdhani Express opposite Leander Paes, has developed cold feet and dumped the film; she has no interest in acting in it anymore supposedly because it has many bold scenes in it. Apparently, the actress was not at all comfortable with doing some very crucial scenes in the film, as they were explicitly bold.

Most importantly, she was required to play a flirtatious woman, who would do just about anything for money. So, the role was too brash for Amisha’s comfort.

Added to this, were a few steamy lovemaking scenes with Tennis star Leander Paes, which Amisha was apparently not at ease with. Hence, the actress has now walked out of the project.

Our source said, “The film has many love making scenes including a bold one with Paes. Amisha has to show a lot of skin and her character is also unapologetic for all that she does in the film. Amisha also had lines with bold language.

Her look in the film was designed in a manner to make her look forthright and vulgar, which Amisha was not happy about. So, when the director Ashok Kohli narrated the script to her she knew she was not cut out for it.

Amisha spoke to the director, who understood her point of view and agreed to let her go.”

When contacted, Amisha Patel said, “No, I am not doing the film anymore.”

The ball is clearly in Leander’s court; he will have to work his charms on a brand new actress now.