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Friday, April 19, 2013

My character in Desi Magic is youthful and fun: Sahil Shroff

Newbie Sahil Shroff on bagging a lead role in DesiMagic
Model-turned-actor Sahil Shroff, who was seen in Don 2, is now getting ready to play the lead role in Desi Magic. The 26-year-old newcomer talks about the film and his role…

This is your first film as a lead, any thoughts you would like to share?
The journey has been fantastic, exciting and a learning experience. As they say every single step makes you better. I have always set a goal for myself and I give my 100 per cent to achieve it. I am looking forward to this transitional phase of my life that I am going through. I have this feeling it’s going to be super fun and a very exciting phase.

What is your role in the film?
My character has various shades and it has a lot of layers to it. I cannot define it in one particular way but it is youthful and fun. It represents today’s generation. The character is an up-market, cool Indian guy who is smart and intelligent. He loves women, he’s a chick magnet but he is not flirtatious with them as he respects them. He wants to be successful and wants to be with this girl he loves.

What made you sign the film?
To begin with, I really liked the script. It has a nice balance between Indian cinema and the way our current movies are being made as complete entertainer films. This film has all the right ingredients it takes to make an out-and-out entertaining film. Also, my role is
basically close to whom I am as a person in real life. It resembles my actual persona so I had this connect to the role.

How did you bag the role?
I think you need to ask Kuunal (Goomer). He approached me for the role and we had this long chat. We instantly clicked and from Day One they felt I fit the role. I was outside the country when I came to know that they are keen on me being a part of the project and at the same time I was too. So once I was back it all worked out. What I really like about them is that they want to bring the right people to the character and not the character to the people.

How excited are you about the film?
The reason why I’m very excited is that I will get to work with people who will make my performance better and improvise on my deliveries too. I am looking forward to the shoot as it will be fun with the entire cast and crew.

Would you consider the film as commercial or a high concept film?
I think this film is an absolute entertainer and will be a commercial hit at the box office. It has amazing music, the shoot is at brilliant locations, and the crew is awesome. They have chosen a cast, which is almost new but yet experienced. People will laugh and at the same time will also be emotionally touched.

With so many new faces being launched, do you think the competition is tough?
I don’t really see the new faces as competition as I do what I do. I feel competition is good and everybody has a place over here. What others are doing doesn’t concern me as I will do my best. Also it’s time there should be a change in cinema and that is due to freshness which we new faces or for that matter the new crew will bring. This is a cycle, which will go on. Currently it’s a great period for Indian cinema and it should continue.

Tell us something about Kuunal Goomer as a producer?
Kuunal is Mr Energy. He is very insightful and has a great vision. He is one of the most honest people I have come across and he is also a friend. I am looking forward to this association.

The launch announcement created quite a buzz. What was the reason behind announcing the film in such a grand way?
Our basic idea was to present the film’s concept and ideology in a very new and unique way. I have never done theatre so I was kicked about the idea of presenting a skit. Also why does everything have to be the way it’s always done? We wanted to set a trend and so we did.