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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

AMEESHA Confirmed beside BALAYYA

Telugu news:Balakrishna  with Amisha Patel శిల్పాశెట్టి, రవీనా టాండన్, తనుశ్రీ దత్తా, కత్రినా కైఫ్ వంటి బాలీవుడ్ భామలతో రోమాన్స్ చేసిన బాలకృష్ణ త్వరలో మరో బాలీవుడ్ భామతో కలిసి నటించనున్నాడు.
గతంలో పవన్ కళ్యాణ్, మహేష్ బాబు, ఎన్టిఆర్ ల సరసన నటించిన అమీషా పటేల్ త్వరలో బాలకృష్ణకు జోడిగా కనిపించనుంది.

According to the sources our AMEESHA  may Work with NANDAMURI BALAKRISHNA , Superstar of Tollywood,If it gets FINALISED V surely see our princess in many more Telugu movies 

SLIPHA SETTY;RAVEENA TANDON,TANU SREE,KATRINAKAIF, romanced earlier with BALAKRISHNA n its likely AMESHA GOING TO JOIN ..AMEESHA acted earlier with Superstars like MAHESHBABU,PAVAN KALYAN, likely to do a movie "Param Veera Chakra" directed by legendary Dasari Narayana Rao.She replaced Anushka, Sheela as 2nd lead

Veteran director Dasari Narayana Rao has signed Bollywood beauty Amisha Patel to act opposite Balakrishna in his current patriotic project ‘Parama Veera Chakra’.

Sources add that Amisha was chosen after a lot of discussion. Reports had that Anushka would do the lead role but she apparently had cited date problems paving the way to the charming Amisha Patel. As reported before, young heroine Sheela will be the other lead in the movie.

About ‘Parama Veera Chakra’, the movie as the title defines is a patriotic theme! Balayya plays double role in the movie! As of now the movie is currently being shot in Ramoji Film City. A few locations have been spotted in Kashmir and other areas to shoot war shots. The out-door schedule will start in November. 
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